Using Hue Emulation with Yeelight Color Bulb and Logitech Harmony- no color control?

Hi there,

I installed the hue emulation Service to be able to use the Logitech Harmony App and remote to control my lights.

Openhab: 2.4, Hue Emulation Binding 2.4

The pairing of the Hue hub with Logitech went well.
I specified to recognize the tags ColorLighting, Switchable and Lighting for the hue emulation.

I have the following ittems defined for my yeelight color bulbs (“wonder”):

    Color YeelightLEDColor "Leselampe"   <ColorLight> [ "ColorLighting" ] { channel="yeelight:wonder:1:color" } 
    Switch YeelightLEDSwitch "Leseampe an/aus" <switch>    { channel="yeelight:wonder:1:color" }
    String YeelightLEDCommand  { channel="yeelight:wonder:1:command" }
    Dimmer	YeelightLEDBrightness "Helligkeit Leselampe" {channel="yeelight:wonder:1:brightness"}
    Dimmer YeelightLEDColortemp "Farbintensität Leselampe" <ColorLight> {channel="yeelight:wonder:1:colorTemperature"}

I am able to switch the bulbs on and off via the Harmony app / remote and to change the brightness.
What is not working is the selection of a color. Using openhab, choosing a color works with the item type “Color”.

Any idea what I could try?
Anyone having working this setup?

Thank you!
Best regards,


The service documentation page has a troubleshoot section at the bottom.

Check the debug link that is mentioned at the bottom and verify that your color item is exposed as a Hue Extended Color Bulb.

The 2.4 version was the first version that introduced color support. Afaik there is a color conversion bug, but generally setting the (a) color should work.

Hi David,
Thanks for your answer.
I tried the debug link

Do I have to change the testuser to something special?
Getting an authorization error:

[{“error”:{“address”:"/testuser/lights",“description”:“Not Authorized”,“type”:1}}]