Using InfluxDB in RPi, Do I need an additional USB to store the data?

Hello everyone,

I installed openhabian on my RPi using 16GB SD card.
Now I want to store the data from Node-RED to InfluxDB. will I need to attach an additional USB flash drive of 16GB+ to my RPi? and will the RPi automatically recognize it and store the data there?

Thank you!

You don’t need to but it is recommended to add external storage in the form of a hard drive (SSD or mechanical) NOT a USB stick


No, you’ll have to configure that yourself

As far as I know, another option is to run influxdb on a NAS (or any always-on system with a hard disk). The data collection would then happen on the Raspberry Pi and the storage / querying on the NAS.

Of course, in that case you may also want to run openHAB directly on the NAS (or always-on system) as well…

Any very specific suggestions for a raspberry pi 4? Eg, USB 3 case with SSD drive? Anyone want to suggest model numbers or different approaches? (Reason I ask is because I tend to keep learning the hard way with openhab!!)

The main point is NOT to run (write) on flash memory such as the internal SD or an USB stick to avoid corruption.
Before you just get another drive, remember that is important for everything beyond InfluxDB as well (swap, logs, …). Check out ZRAM.