Using InfluxDB in RPi, Do I need an additional USB to store the data?

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Hello everyone,

I installed openhabian on my RPi using 16GB SD card.
Now I want to store the data from Node-RED to InfluxDB. will I need to attach an additional USB flash drive of 16GB+ to my RPi? and will the RPi automatically recognize it and store the data there?

Thank you!

You don’t need to but it is recommended to add external storage in the form of a hard drive (SSD or mechanical) NOT a USB stick


No, you’ll have to configure that yourself

As far as I know, another option is to run influxdb on a NAS (or any always-on system with a hard disk). The data collection would then happen on the Raspberry Pi and the storage / querying on the NAS.

Of course, in that case you may also want to run openHAB directly on the NAS (or always-on system) as well…