Using Java FX to create a new interface for controlling Lights...Etc


I have been looking around and doing some research but cant find an example of anyone using intellij with JavaFX to control items configured in the OpenHab. For example I want to import the button clicks to turn on the lights using a JavaFX program, is this possible to do? I just want to have a more cutomizable interface. If this is possible can anyone point me in a good direciton on doing so, I am using the rasberry pi as my “Hub” and would like to be abe to run my JavaFX program from my external PC or tablet.

Thanks for the help!

Your JavaFX program will need to interact with openHAB through openHAB’s REST API. The full API is documented (and interactive) under MainUI → Developer Tools → API Explorer. You’ll probably care the most bout the “items” end point.

You’ll have to make HTTP requests to push things like commands to openHAB and subscribe to and parse an SSE feed to receive the events from openHAB.