Using MQTT & Switch item(mappings) for blind Problem

Hey there, I’m from South Korea, officially the Republic of Korea.(Sorry for my poor english :D)
Since I spent a few days… but I can’t find way to success.
So I decided to ask your help TOT.
I am using mqtt (version of 1.4.10), openhab2.
I don’t have any problem with that, so I’ll leave an explanation behind.
Now let me explain my thoughts.
I’m working on a project to control many aspects of my daily life, including the blind, through the Openhab App.
While finding a switch to control the blind, I found a method called Mapping and wrote the code below to design the switch for the blind in openhab sitemap.
And this is a switch that’s designed.

Switch item=blind label="Blind" mappings=[1=up, 2=stop, 3=down] icon="blinds"

And this is design of blind switch

So far, there was no problem, but there was a problem with the items part.
I’ve sent a signal to each switch to make sure the Aduino accepts it.
Since the switch used elsewhere was the basic switch to send on/off signals, I have written down similar codes below.

Switch consent1 "Consent Plug 1" {mqtt=">[broker:/cs1/sw:command:on:1],>[broker:/cs1/sw:command:off:2]"}
Switch consent2 "Consent Plug 2" {mqtt=">[broker:/cs2/sw:command:on:3],>[broker:/cs2/sw:command:off:4]"}
Switch light "Light" {mqtt=">[broker:/light/sw:command:on:1],>[broker:/light/sw:command:off:0]"}

But each switch designed with a mapping does not know how to signal a button through mqtts. I want you to give me an idea on how to do this.

You need to use a Number Item. A Switch Item can only have ON/OFF for a state. Your Mapping on the sitemap is trying to set the Switch Item to 1, 2, or 3 which are not valid states for that type of Item.

Thank U for your advice!! I tried to think too easily.
Anyway I tried using number items and it works well. So thank U!