Using philips hue app with open hab

is it possible at all to use a philips hue app with openhab to control a LED strip.
IN this vido I see it is possible to control LED strips with openhabs own android app! But what about the philips hue app and other apps which use the philips API?


Good question I was thinking the same thing. New member here, I am looking at setting up a Raspberry PI Openhab Server to control some of the devices I purchased on Cyber Monday.

I am wondering how OpenHab interacts with the native applications for devices like the Philips smart bulbs, Belkin Weemo switches etc. If for example a lightbulb is turned off in the Philps app , will that change be represented on the OPENHab dashboard. And will commands issued in OpenHab be replicated in the devices native apps.
Or if for example a light or switch if turned off with GoogleHOME using IFTTT would OPENHab know about that change of state?

Thanks For any info
Cheers Chris.

The answer for the most part here is Yes, and this where (I think) the REST API comes into play, and if both the device and binding is able to check and poll the device.

Example with Hue. Yes, if you turn on or off a bulb with the Hue app, it will be updated in OH2. And if you turn it on or off with OH2, yes the Hue app should be updated.

For google home and IFTT, I’m not quite sure. you may need to post the update via a rule.

Openhab keeps polling the Hue Bridge for the current status (default: 10 seconds).
So you can change the lights with different apps, but you can end up with a wrong state in openhab for about 10 seconds.

Thanks for the Info guys!

Good to know you can make everything work together with OPENHab providing there is a binding available for the device. That was one of my big questions before jumping in and setting it up. If i would need to use openHab exclusively for all control or if i would be able to use it in conjunction with the native apps.


so what about ws2811 LED strips? Can I use philips hue apps to control them?

No, Philips HUE app is able to control HUE led strips.
But openHAB is capable of controlling HUE strips and ws2811 strips.

It is possible to connect a HUE app to openhab, and communicate with it. So openhabs understand the protocol. Still it cant direct the RGB information to a different LED strip?
Would writing an own binding here be a solution?

Sorry, I don’t understand your usecase.

In openHAB, you would install the HUE binding, then your are able to control your HUE lights via openHAB (and of course via the HUE App).
For your ws2811 strips, you would install the binding which works with your rgb controller, then you are able to control them via openHAB.
Within openHAB, you can write rules to do whatever you want to interact with the HUE and ws2811 strips.

Sorry, I don’t understand your usecase.
I want to attach a ws2811 led strip to a raspberry pi , and control it with any HUE app. I saw videos that it is possible to connect hue with openhab, and I saw a video where the openhab app controlls the WS2811.
So is it possible to controll WS2811 attached to a pi with HUE app via openhab?

No, not possible with Philips Hue App