Using RFXCom with Nexa remote

Hi all

I am planning on using my Nexa (433) remotes to control OpenHab but cannot figure out how I can detect every press on a button and not just the first time I press it so that the state of the item changes. It seems RFXCom is missing an event channel for this to really work or am I missing something?

I solved it by doing a postUpdate to NULL directly after I received a changed state from a button. Feels a bit like a hack but works well enough.

Just had the same problem, thx for the workaround :slight_smile:

Hi Marcus! Old thread but I am looking at the same situation, but can’t get mine found by RFXCom. Does it pop up like a normal device found in OH?

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If your rfxcom binding is configured correctly, the remotes will show up as soon as you press a button. Every button combination will be one thing.

For 433 the only things that will be discovered are the remotes as other things are passive and never send out anything.

Hi Marcus, thanks!

Hehe, well all sensors and dimmer work perfectly so it kind of is set up “correctly”. But when I found my remote the other day it didn´t register so I guess now its not correctly configured anymore.

What protocol have you activated to be able to listen in on the remote? It is not the same as the other sensors talk on.

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