Using Selection to choose multi Item.state on sitemap

Hi, i’m wonder if whe can use “Selection” in “sitemap” to choose a list of Item.state .

for exemple

Selection item=TempSelection label="Temp Selection" mappings=[Item1.State="TempToday", Item2.State="TempYesterday"]

if yes someone can point me the right direction to realise this , especialy for Energy overview , like Yesterday , Last Week , Last month in place or additionally with graphical rrd4j

Many thanks in advance

If you want a graph of your energy consumption for different times it may be best to create a separate sitemap for each time period.

I use different sitemaps, one for weather and one for control. IMHO it keeps things clean and easier to access.

Inquestion of a dynamic selection, no this isn’t possible. In question of different charts, see my sitemap snippet:

		Text item=WeatherMinMax {
			Setpoint item=Chart_Period step=1 minValue=1 maxValue=12 
			Chart item=Weather_Chart period=h refresh=10000 visibility=[Chart_Period==1]
			Chart item=Weather_Chart period=4h refresh=10000 visibility=[Chart_Period==2]
			Chart item=Weather_Chart period=8h refresh=10000 visibility=[Chart_Period==3]
			Chart item=Weather_Chart period=12h refresh=10000 visibility=[Chart_Period==4]
			Chart item=Weather_Chart period=D refresh=10000 visibility=[Chart_Period==5]
			Chart item=Weather_Chart period=3D refresh=10000 visibility=[Chart_Period==6]
			Chart item=Weather_Chart period=W refresh=10000 visibility=[Chart_Period==7]
			Chart item=Weather_Chart period=2W refresh=10000 visibility=[Chart_Period==8]
			Chart item=Weather_Chart period=M refresh=10000 visibility=[Chart_Period==9]
			Chart item=Weather_Chart period=2M refresh=10000 visibility=[Chart_Period==10]
			Chart item=Weather_Chart period=4M refresh=10000 visibility=[Chart_Period==11]
			Chart item=Weather_Chart period=Y refresh=10000 visibility=[Chart_Period==12]

Chart_Period is defined as follows:

Number	    Chart_Period	                    "Zeitraum [MAP(]"

and is this:

1=1 Stunde
2=4 Stunden
3=8 Stunden
4=12 Stunden
5=24 Stunden
6=3 Tage
7=7 Tage
8=2 Wochen
9=1 Monat
10=2 Monate
11=4 Monate
12=1 Jahr

And this is the result:


@Udo_Hartmann nice work, :+1: I may add something like this to my control sitemap for inside temp/humidity readings.

My separate weather sitemap is using DarkSky binding with much more info so for me, it’s easier to pull up the weather without having to scroll through all the control stuff.

Thanks for your help is amazing!

It work for me , also can i ask how do you do for showing 3 values in same time on your graph ?

“actual temp” , “Min temp” and “max temp” with color ? can you explain ? thanks again for your contribution

See the Chart docs, with reference to the use of a Group Item.

Thanks, is not easy to find where to learn about, here you help me to lookm on the ritgh direction thanks for the trick :slight_smile: