Using separate partition for zone status

I’ve just installed my new Satel Integra 128 alarm.

For my Windows I am using wireless detectors. Each window can be fully opened or tilted. Therefore I added a 2nd magetic contact to the wireless detectors:

One contact open means the window is opened
Both contacts open means the window is tilted

Within my panel I created (virtual) zones which show the correct state, so this works fine.

I’ve set the option “Bypass if no exit” for these virtual zones. So when I am leaving the house, I use my keypad downstairs and use Arming Mode Full to arm the system. If a Window is open, it’s shown on the Keypad and I can decide to bypass it at that moment. That’s fine.

When I go to bed, I use the Keypad upstair and I use the mode 1 (Full Arm with Bypasses) so I can open/close (upstairs) Windows without problems. This also seems to work fine.

However in OpenHAB I would like to use this information (Window status) as well. But when I arm the system and one of more of these contact have status violated, they will be bypassed when I arm the system and in OpenHAB I can’t use the information whether the Window is opened/closed anymore. The Violation channel isn’t working anymore (as far as I’ve seen now).

So I now created a new Partition “Technical” with new Virtual Zones following the original contacts. Users will not have permissions to this partition, only the OpenHAB user. The idea is that I never arm this partition, and I use these zones in OpenHAB for the status of the Windows. It looks like this works, but at the cost of some zones and outputs. And I am wondering if this is the way forward or maybe I am making it to complex now.

Anyone suggestions/ideas?

Hmm, just thinking, of course I don’t need to create a new Zone, I could also use an output in OpenHAB to get the information from.

Hi @petermdevries
First of all I don’t need such configuration, moreover I actually don’t use bypasses at all.

What do you mean by “virtual”?

If it shows correct state regardless the zone is bypassed or not - I would use this option.

A zone defined within the Satel Integra which is actually not a wired or wireless zone, but a zone connected to another or based on some logic.

In the meantime I’ve implemented this option and seems to work.

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