Using TCP/IP Binding to Receive a wunderground protocol from a weatherstation


i am using a Sainlogic WIFI Weatherstation to observe the Weather.
It is this one

The display is connected to the Station via 833Mhz Radio link. The Display is also connected to my WLAN and can send Data to different weather cloud services like Wunderground, ecowitt etc.

I would like to record the data directly in my Openhab/InfluxDb/Graphana System.

I have seen that i can define a costimzed service in the App of the weatherstation:

The interessting Question is:

Is it possible to send a wunderground-protocol to my openhab-raspberry and interprete the package (for example) with the tcp binding?

At the moment i cannot find the structure of the protol. but it is like
Temperature:Windspeed:Winddirection:…or similar.

Does anyone have an idea how to solve that issue?

You can register your weather station with weather underground. and pull you information from them ? as you then qualify for a contributor ?

se the link :

That is a weather station made by fine offset factory in China. I have a similar model and if you purchase a “ip observer “ unit for $50 you can get full local access without any cloud. Just search this forum for the non merged binding and info in a thread.