Using Ternary Operators in Widget Expressions


Just a quick note to let you know something I discovered by chance…

It has been established that when you make expressions in widgets using the ternary operator:

condition ? ifTrue : ifFalse

you have to enclose them with quotes because it doesn’t work otherwise:

So the solution would be indeed, adding quotes around the entire expression, which was always a bit clumsy:


It turns out the only reason you must do this is because of the spaces around the colon :. That’s because YAML will try to interpret it as another key.

So all these work without quotes around the expression if you accept the lack of spaces around the colon:




So, just letting you know - I would rather see no spaces around the colon instead of the entire expression enclosed in double quotes, I think. The added parentheses (2nd suggestion) can add more clarity.



Thanks Yannick! This is a great discovery that can clean up a lot of the widget yaml.

Your efforts are appreciated, as always.

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Thanks, Justin, your helping folks with those widgets is certainly noticed and appreciated as well!

Thanks for the tip. It makes it much clearer using () not needing quotes. And as a bonus when you type the code the parenthesis go green so you can tell which ones belong to which group.