Using the Amazon Echo as a microphone?

Hi All

Does anyone know if you can sue the Echo as a microphone? I have a doorbird door bell, which makes a SIP call to any device. Right now it works nicely on my mobile but Im wondering is there some way to get the voice from the SIP call to be announced over my stereo (which is intergrated into OH2) and the speech/microphone via the Echo? essentially turning my house into a microphone :smiley:


Echo has a line out so can’t you patch that audio jack out to your stereo? Echo as a giant Microphone perhaps a bit harder.

Bluetooth profile support…

nice idea!

I believe that Alexa has a team of lawyers behind her… :laughing:

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woops! :smiley:

Maybe using a new Echo connect box could take up the SIP call and bring it on the Echo. Didn’t try it myself, don’t own an Echo connect box, but should work in theory.

Ive no idea. Has anyone done this?