Using the HM-RC-4-3


i just changed my system from Raspberrymatic to OpenHAB (OpenHAB and Homegear on the same Pi2) and everything is working fine. Now I try to use my HM-RC-4-3 as a switch for my Ikea TRADFRI-Lights. The Lights can be used over the PaperUI-Switch and also the HM-RC-4-3 works (but only switches the Switch in PaperUI from OFF to ON to OFF and it doesn’t takes any effect to the light).

My problem is, that when I press a button, the Log shows, that the switch is turned ON to OFF by only one press.

2018-05-23 08:27:28.780 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - Fernbedienung_Taste1 changed from OFF to ON

2018-05-23 08:27:30.765 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - Fernbedienung_Taste1 changed from ON to OFF

Maybe anybody here has a hint to solve my problem.

Thanks in advance :blush: