Using the "Max! CUL" Bindung from openHAB1-addons in openHAB 2

I’m new to OpenHAB and just installed the new version 2 of the platform. I want to install the openHAB1-addon “Max! CUL” binding and found this article:

I could install the 1.x compatibility layer by the SSH login and

feature:install openhab-runtime-compat1x

But after that I was confused, as this site tells something different than the site of the addon itself (!-CUL-Binding).

Can someone say me the exact steps to integrate such an openHAB1-addon into the new 2.x version?

I also need to know what {openhab.home} is by default, is it /etc/openhab2/ or /usr/share/openhab2/ or something else? Both folders didn’t contain a sub-directory etc nor conf

I installed openHAB 2 on my Raspberry Pi 3 with Raspbian Jessie.

Thank you!

A newly refreshed set of openHAB 1.x addon documentation is making its way directly to But in the meantime, if you browse the repo, you will find a reworked document for this (and all 1.x) add-ons that ought to eliminate confusion about usage with openHAB 2.

Please report back if it is clearer for you, and if you find that binding then works properly under OH2. Thanks!