Using the MQTT Broker [Things - Paper UI]

Hi to all,

First, I would like to briefly describe what I have already done (which also works) - then comes the question.

I have set up an MQTT broker in Openhab2 (2.4 - stable version) and added some MQTT Things to test the basic functionality in the Paper UI. In a test file *.sitemap I included the created items. A communication via mqtt works.


Now I do not want to add just 5 items or things but more than 150.
My idea is to create the items in a *.items file, because writing is quicker and easier than clicking on all the items you need (rather, creating them).

How do I get the defined MQTT interface of the MQTT Broker from the Paper UI addressed? I could not find anything suitable on Google. Results show very old 1.x bindings or everything in the Paper UI (which I do not want).

Switch itemname "labeltext" {mqtt="<[HomeAutomationServerMQTTBroker:home/indoor/eg/essen/taster:state:default], >[HomeAutomationServerMQTTBroker:home/indoor/eg/essen/taster:command:*]"}

Thank you in advance

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You need to use channels.
If you prefer to work in files, you may define things and channels in files.