Using The OpenHab Designer

I have the openhab runtime setup on my raspberry pi and I have my designer on my linux laptop. I want to design the sitemap but my question is how do I preview what I have done.

There is no preview available in the desiger, as far as I know. You have to upload the sitemap to your pi and call the URL. Maybe it’s a good idea to upload it with a different name, so you can ty it without ruining your existing site. I do this myself to try out new rules etc before “activating” them in my sidemap.


Now I have samba installed on the raspberry pi sharing the openhab config and home folders. Please I want to find out how I can use the openhab designer to open the and edit the sitemap. Tried but no luck so far.I dont the directory to point the the designer on my linux laptop to. checked etc/openhab there was no folder like that

I had this setup using the Dropbox plugin, which syncs the configurations with a folder on your computer. You are then able to work on the files locally, and Dropbox and the update plugin will update them on your RPi.

One good thing about this is that it also provides you with easy revision history and ability to roll back after a loss/disaster simply by restoring an older version of your configuration files from the Dropbox web interface.

Sadly, I have had so many problems with OH Designer that I just don’t use it. I just SSH into my RPi and use VIM to work on the actual configuration files.