Using the openHAB-Logo on private website

Hello gents,

I have been using openHAB for some years now. It is really a
great tool for home automation.

Since I’m currently re-building up my private Homepage
(which is mainly a Blog-site about home automation), I would appreciate being
allowed to use the openHAB-Logo on it (
OpenHAB will be a core topic on this site.
Who would be the right one to ask for permission to use the

Thanks in advance,

Hi Thomas,

Well, thank you for all your loyalty and support of the community (I now that you are extremely active in the KUF!).

We don’t yet have a formal process to apply for logo-reuse, but for non-commercial use, we are absolutely fine with giving you approval for it.

With the upcoming “openHAB Foundation e.V.”, the idea is actually to formalize it in the way that foundation members are automatically free to use the logo. I hope we can welcome you as a member once we get started 8-).


Hello Kai,

thanks a lot.
And yes, I think an e.V. is a good idea and I would really appreciate such a membership.


Hi all,

regarding OpenHAB + business / commercial use including the logo:

I see 3 membership types (sustaining, ordinarly, legal entity). Comparing to e. g. Axis Communications and their “Axis Certified Professional”, they allow to use their Certified Professional logo on commercial websites as long as one such certified professional is employed. Other logos exist, e. g. for authorized partners, silver / gold / platinum partners and solution providers. It is simply decorating the logo with a footer text and defining its meaning.

Without knowing all the details, short to mid term I am very interested to use the OpenHAB logo on a commercial website (www. + and offer services around that platform in conjunction with Asterisk. Namely, this is signalling actuator + sensor activity via OpenHAB + Asterisk in tandem on telephones using a dynamic telephone book. I. e. …

  • dial a number from the phone book to turn on a light or
  • dial a number to set state (“armed home”, “arm off”) or
  • receive a call at night from a motion sensor (originating from a virtual telephone number with a named / image-decorated phone book entry)
    … all via OpenHAB/Asterisk.

I can afford the 10 EUR / month for the ordinary member (thanks for the nonprofit hint), but short term I cannot afford the 50 EUR.

Asterisk has training materials online and a certification path; I currently look into these. OpenHAB could try to somehow allow for distillation of tutorial-style information to be extracted from forum or wikis. Google has something similar to this for teaching AdWords, however it ends quite bulky.

best regards


@thoern Your blog does not look to be too active anymore, but if you are still interested in becoming a foundation member, by now this is possible :slight_smile:

Yes, I would like to see something similar for openHAB. Let us further discuss this within the foundation. A first step is probably to decide whether we want a new logo for a start.