Using two different Amazon accounts with Alexa OpenHAB Skill or OpenHAB AmazonEchoControl

I have just started working on a second OpenHAB instance. I did my first at our vacation home this summer and liked it so much I’m now working on our principle residence.

I have encountered a small problem in working with Alexa and Amazon Echo Control. I use the same Amazon account a both homes because I can use paid services like Amazon Music at both homes that way. I have created two different UUID’s for, once for each instance of openhab (both are running Openhabian on RPi4s).

The Alexa OpenHAB skill is linked to one of the logins, so I only see the OpenHAB items with the “alexa” metadata associated with that related UUID. I didn’t see any way to link a second login to the skill.

I tried creating a separate Amazon ID to use with the second login. But then I run into a problem that the Amazon echo devices are linked to the original Amazon account. I didn’t see a way to add items using the amazonechocontrol binding for a second Amazon account.

Am I missing something? Is there another, better way, to work with one Amazon account and two Openhab instances?

Thanks for any suggestions.

Unfortunately there is no way to have multiple instances of a given skill under one Amazon account. The only option you have is to relink the skill to connect to the myopenhab account that controls the home you are located at. Ideally, you would have a separate amazon account between the two locations but as you said you are using the same one to use other services. So there isn’t much that can be done.

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Thanks for the response. I can work around it. I just wanted to be sure I wasn’t missing something that might have been obvious to others but not to me.

George, please post how you do this - I have the same scenario as you.

So I thought about this one a little more, you could use a mix of the official skill, deploy another instance of your own skill and link each skill to your myopenhab accounts.

You can also deploy two instances of your own skill by changing the name property in the skill config file. If going with the latter, make sure to clone the skill in two distinct folders. It will deploy the same lambda function for both instances which will require using the --force parameter when running the deploy command otherwise you will get an error.

Keep in mind that the Alexa device names across both openHAB servers need to be unique.

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I ended up using the new Remote binding in OH3 to connect two different OH instances, each connected to a different Amazon account.

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