Using z-wave as a signal only?

I just got a bunch of LIFX wi-fi bulbs. I feel confident that tying it via the network to open hab will be possible (and has already been done before in some capacity at least), however, my question is regarding controlling these lights via a wall switch. Ideally I’d like to have a microcontroller of some kind send a network message, and control it that way.

Another alternative, though, is to use an existing z-wave battery-operated switch and put it on the wall, and then use openhab to receive the z-wave signal, and send my own message to the light bulbs. Is this possible with OH and z-wave, or does it not work this way? In other words, can I use z-wave as a “signal service” or must it directly control other z-wave devices?


Yep that should be no problem. That is the beauty of openHAB - you can use anything to signal anything. All you need is both devices connected to openHAB and then it is a very simple matter of writing a rule to link the two together.

Wow, that’s great to hear–thanks Ben!

If that is the case, I’m wondering if I might be able to totally replace my current light switch with a wired z-wave one (like the Aspire ones from Cooper), but disable the actual power switching so that the circuit always has power, and simply transmit the signals via z-wave to openhab.

Any idea if this is feasible?

Anything is feasible with openHAB ;).

You will end up with a single-point-of-failure which might not be so good for the WAF - i.e. if openHAB goes down or your Z-Wave network is having problems, you won’t be able to switch that light. I prefer to have a hardwired switch which will work if all my automation systems go down, as a last resort.

Entirely up to you however.

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Hi all,

i do it in both ways. Fibaro dimmers (FGD211), or relays, with direct connectet wall mount switches and a Fibaro FGK101 opening sensor where i use the IN-Contact. The opening sensor is battery based an over OH i switch some sonos devices. Work’s great!

Best Reguards