UUID and Secret for openhab3.0 - windows

Hi all,…

I like to configure my openhab Cloud so I can access openhab from outside my house :slight_smile:
I have Openhab3.0 working on a Windows10 laptop connected to a KNX installations (MDT SCN-IP 100.03).

When I want to register on https://myopenhab.org/, my openHABUUIDand openHAB Secret are requested. But I don’t find those folders or files… Is this changed since OH3 and where can I find this,


Did you install / enable the openHAB cloud connector in OH3 Settings - Add-ons - Misc ?
You must be able to find the userdata folder in your instance as this is a folder that always is there.
The other folder ( openhabcloud ) and files ( uuid, secret ) will only be there once the addon is installed.

In case you haven’t done yet use the windows file explorer search function to find the userdata folder.

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shame on me
thanks!!! it works :slight_smile:

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Hello to everybody here. I’ve installed openhabian-pi-raspios32-v1.6.2b.img on a Raspberry PI 3+. Everything is fine and it’s running. But how can I enable the openHAB cloud connector to get the openhabcloud and the files uuid and secret?

It would be great if they would update the openHAB Cloud Connector documentation with the correct file locations of the UUID and Secret documents for Windows users. I had no trouble finding them but it’s annoying that so many sections of the documentation are incorrect or omit information when it comes to those installing openHAB on a Windows machine:

Why do you think this is incorrect.

The following link shows folder structure for windows

Userdata like rrd4j databases C:\openHAB\userdata

Your screenshot points to userdat/uuid for the UUID file, so it shall be found in

Where is the issue ???

My apologies - you are correct. I somehow didn’t see/completely ignored the first column for “Regular installation” and only saw the second column, with the “var/lib/openhab…” file location. Obviously a Windows installation cannot be an APT/repository installation and thus falls under the Regular installation category, and the file locations currently provided there in the table are indeed correct. Sorry about that.

There does seem to be a graphic or screenshot of some sort missing however from the beginning of the next section:

This is the URL for the missing graphic, which points to a 404:

Hmm, when I open the link to the docs you posted, I don‘t see any broken image.
It just shows Configuration, surrounded by a box.

content on github openhab-addons/README.md at main · openhab/openhab-addons · GitHub contains a picture/screenshot instead of the alternate text “Configuration”

Ok, I see. Don‘t know ehy this differs from the docs page…

@Confectrician ??

The github file uses a relative url to show the image.
This url is not available on the homepage, even if the picture gets transferred correctly.

We would have to change the readme file, which breaks the view on github, but will then work on the homepage.

Unfortunately, we can’t have both working parallel. :man_shrugging: