UUID and Secret for openhab3.0 - windows

Hi all,…

I like to configure my openhab Cloud so I can access openhab from outside my house :slight_smile:
I have Openhab3.0 working on a Windows10 laptop connected to a KNX installations (MDT SCN-IP 100.03).

When I want to register on https://myopenhab.org/, my openHABUUIDand openHAB Secret are requested. But I don’t find those folders or files… Is this changed since OH3 and where can I find this,


Did you install / enable the openHAB cloud connector in OH3 Settings - Add-ons - Misc ?
You must be able to find the userdata folder in your instance as this is a folder that always is there.
The other folder ( openhabcloud ) and files ( uuid, secret ) will only be there once the addon is installed.

In case you haven’t done yet use the windows file explorer search function to find the userdata folder.

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shame on me
thanks!!! it works :slight_smile:

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Hello to everybody here. I’ve installed openhabian-pi-raspios32-v1.6.2b.img on a Raspberry PI 3+. Everything is fine and it’s running. But how can I enable the openHAB cloud connector to get the openhabcloud and the files uuid and secret?