UUID not inside /var/lib/openhab

freshly installed OpenHAB 3 v 1.7.1 two days ago.
Now I’m trying to configure remote-access via myopenhab.org
the registering needs the secret and the UUID.
In a video it was shown that the UUID-file should be in the subfolder
but there it isn’t
So what do I have to do to create this UUID-file or where else should I look for it?

best regards Stefan

You need to install the openhab-cloud connector which will create the UUID.
See openHAB Cloud Connector - System Integrations | openHAB

Hi Wolfgang,

thank you very much for the link. I was able to install the Cloud-Connector and found the UUID and the Secretfile

I pasted the UUID and secret into registration and received a confirmation email and clicked the confirmation-link
account is created but myopenhab.org says
Your openHAB is not online. Please check if your installation is running or recheck the openHAB settings in your account

So what could be wrong?
best regards Stefan

OK I found the error myself. As long as no items are exposed the website says “not online”.
So I activated some items to be exposed and now it show openHAB is online.

@the myopenhab.org-team how about a hint that points to this fact? I mean a message like "if not a single item is set to “exposing” the status of your openHAB-system stays offline

best regards Stefan

No, there is absolutely no need to expose items at all.
You just need to wait a bit until it shows your openHAB as online.

Aha. So maybe just a co-incidence.

How long is “a bit” in numbers?
10 seconds?, 5 minutes?
Does this mean if I disable all items again it should stay online?

best regards Stefan

There is no defined time, sometimes a restart of openHAB will be helpfull.
And yes, you can disable (unexpose) all items and it should still work.
Exposing was only used for IFTTT, whiach has been disabled a long time ago.
I am usining remote control and notification over myopenHAB wihout any exposed items.
Even Alexa works with correct tagging.

another example for

what is the most favorite “hobby” of each and every modern electronic device?
rebooting :smiley: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

which is the always first question of a hotline-supporter ?
“did you reboot your device?” :wink: :grin: :laughing:

OK I will test it if I’m back home.

best regards Stefan