Vacuum cleaner Roborock S5 - Zone Cleaning - Go to Point in JavaScript

I have got a roborock s5. Everything is working with the Xiaomi Mi IO Binding. The only thing that is missing, is to clean a single zone or to go to a specified point in the room. I am coming from fhem and in fhem it was possible. So I have got the real points and zones. I read that it is possible to manage it by dsl rules. But I want it in JavaScript.

“Vacuum cleaner has to go to servicepoint”: [27000,25000]

“Vacuum Cleaner has to clean the lounge zone”:[24998,24593,28648,26193]

What are the commands in JavaScript for those two commands?

Sorry, it is not clear to me what you want…

In order to send these commands to your vacuum, you update the commands channel with it.
I think that is very possible in javascript or with a mapping, or rule , http post or typing… basically all possibilities OH offers to update a item you can use.

The format to send to the command channel: command [ parameters]
e.g. in case of the first example send: app_goto_target [27000,25000]

Of course I want to create a rule. That should not be a problem for me, even if i am a beginner…:rofl::rofl:. But which commands channel? Can’t find one…! This one maybe?

Sending custom commands… I will try it…

click the “show advanced” in the right top corner (above unlinked in your screenshot)
This will show the command channel

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