Vaillant VR 50 Ambisense TRV

Hi all,

I have a vaillant boiler with VRC 470f controller and FHEM sourced ebus interface which is working with openhab. I noticed that vaillant have released the VR 50, an ebus based TRV which requires their VRC700 controller to work correctly.

Is it possible that the VR 50 will still publish/subscribe through my existing controller, albeit with no native support? This would allow my FHEM interface to control the devices through ebus, which is all I really want.

Supposing it would appear on the bus, I’m assuming it would need a configuration defining - something I have no knowledge of, but would be willing to learn.

Interested in thoughts/ideas. I am willing to purchase one to test, but will need some guidance.

I have tried multiple times to contact them to order on of these and I never got any replies. Can you help, please?

You need to order from the forums, which are in German (nothing google translate can’t fix).

You will need to do some reading/research in order to know what you want.

Here’s the thread I bought from (v2.1):

Here’s the latest thread (v2.2):

I went for a pre-soldered standalone device, which connects to ebus on boiler and FTDI on server. They ask for donations beyond the parts price to cover soldering work, etc. Be kind :slight_smile:

I dealt with john30 (ebusd maintainer) and it all went smoothly - john speaks English, which cleared up any confusion/questions.

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Thanks I’ll try again