Validation Error after Channel Configuration on Homematic Thing


since several days I have a issue with openHAB and the Homematic Binding. I reinstalled openHAB in order to fix the issue, but it still appears…

I have configured multiple heating control groups in Homematic and added (actually) one of them as things in openHAB via auto-discovery. Whenever I configure the “SET_POINT_TEMPERATURE” to increase the delay timer I get the error message “Please review the configuration and correct validation errors” after a few seconds. There are no ERROR-Messages in the log.

Detailed steps:

  1. Added HeatingController via auto-discovery from homematic-bridge
  2. “Configure Channel” on “SET_POINT_TEMPERATURE”
  3. Setting “Delay” and “Receive Delay” to 5 seconds
  4. After clicking on “Done” the error occures and the “Save”-Button cannot be clicked

I think this error occures since I updated my old openHAB version. I completly reinstalled openHAB because I tought I miss configured something, but this error still occures on a clean install/setup. Maybe there are some similarities with this issue?

Unfortunately I cannot add more then one picture in this thread…

openHAB Version: 3.1.1 (installed with openHABian)
Homematic CCU Version: 3.61.6

Thanks for any responses! :slight_smile:

No one has an idea about that? :confused: I dont know how to solve this issue…

Behavior still exists in Homematic CCU Version 3.61.7 and openHAB Version 3.2.0 (Release Build).