Value mapping using transform file

I was trying to do a transform on alarmdecoder messages when I stumbled upon this issue. The .map file is supposed to have value=new_value type mapping. However, the code that handles this uses java.util.Properties and thus breaks when the mapped value has spaces. To give an example Alarmdecoder sends messages like so: "DISARMED Ready to Arm "=DISARMED - READY. The underlying code breaks this at the first white space character and so tries to map
Ready to Arm "=DISARMED - READY.

The workaround is to specify all non-alphanumeric characters using their unicode values. Thus the mapping for the line above turns out to be so: \u0022\u002a\u002a\u002a\u002aDISARMED\u002a\u002a\u002a\u002a\u0020\u0020Ready\u0020to\u0020Arm\u0020\u0020\u0022 DISARMED\u0020\u002d\u0020READY

This is not pretty nor user friendly. Can someone look into this?

@chris I am tagging you on this since using a transform file for certain values need a more technical knowledge and is not suited for a layman. I believe this is a part of OpenHAB core.