Value Transformation form a generic MQTT thing


I’m using OpenHAB3 and successfully integrated this Bluetooth Thermometer:

Temperature works fine, I also get the data for humidity but it s looks like 0.4200000 % instead of 42%

I guess it’s just a simple thing to change here:

… but I was not able to find the solution. Can anyone please help?


That is the number you are getting on mqtt and you are using a number item. You could cheat and use a dimmer item or in a rule multiply by 100

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You can try to add state description in Item properties:
Works for me in some cases…

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You’ve probably linked the MQTT number channel to a Number:Dimensionless type Item. When no unit is given, that thinks it’s a ratio. 42% = 0.42-to-1 ratio.
Be sure you’ve given your unit (%) in the MQTT channel parameters.

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Thanks a lot guys fot that fast and good answers!

I did as @denominator mentioned and just used an dimmer item - thanks! <3 for every one of you :hugs: