Values isn't shown - is it a bug?

When I go to items, can se a value:

but when I click on the item, value isn’t there :

but under analyse graph is there :

is it a bug ?

What happens when you add an “Default Standalone Widget” like oh-label-card?
This is done when you press “Add Metadata”.

It would be nice if you could share some detail of your system. Like used OpenHAB Version…

I’m quite new to openhab, so at the moment my main screen is empty and when I press Add Metadata, Widget isn’t inserted on the main screen. Sorry. I need to check a tutorial how to do it.

openHAB 3.3.0

Release Build

So what are you trying to do?

You can customize the view in the blue square when you add Metadata in the yellow square.

Then you add an “Default Standalone Widget” like I have written above.

yes exactly:

then configuration:

and save
view will return to this:

Ok, this is strange. What happens when you link another item to your Modbus Channel.
Is it the same then?
What Persistence Service are you using? RRD4j?

I added value as string:

in items I can see both:

when I click, no value:

How can I check which Persistence Service is used ? :face_with_peeking_eye:

no, add another item to the same channel (as Number).
See here “Add Link to Item”:

and click

and analyse number2 - data are there

Can you answer this question?
Have you tried it an different browser? Is it the same?
What if you add something like this at the “stateDescription” Metadata?

See also here:

I tested now on Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome. Its the sane. Persistence Service - how can I check which one I’m using ?

Maybe worth checking - [OH3] state of items set to { "state": "-" } in MainUI when accessing from macOS - #10 by ysc

I have windows system.

I doesn’t matter, it applies to all OS-es:

Ok, you are right. Same problem. On the mobile phone it’s working.