Various problems when trying to install packages on Ubuntu

Edit: 2 or more Broken packages caused this “loops” and "xyz depends on openhab"
I reinstalled all those printing related packages.

Hey there,

(i know it is not openhab related, but it is a problem on my smarthome system, which uses openhab and some other services)
i have some problems when trying to install packages via apt-get (for example ntp, because my clock seems to be wrong)

When trying to install ntp the following error messages appear:

My system is based on Ubuntu 16.04, 4GB of RAM/ 8 thread i7 (OpenHAB works like a charm)
Other services: Cups, Apache, PHP, Python

But i want to install ntp and ntpdate, to get the right time.

Did you install 16.04 from scratch or upgrade? Sometimes an upgrade can cause weird things to happen. I successfully upgraded my openHAB Ubuntu to 16.05 but YMMV.

I would try to backup my configs, apt-get purge lpd openhab, then apt-get install lpd openhab to reinstall and see if that clears things up. Good luck,