Velux Active Gateway (KIX 300)


I’m new to openHAB. I was a developer many moons ago and consider myself reasonably technically proficient still but have got a bit lost with this particular challenge!

I have recently installed 4 velux indoor roller blinds and will soon have 4 external blinds too. As this would involve 8 switches, I’ve bought the Active Gateway and have scheduled some basic automations which are fine.

As we move the the spring I want a bit more flexibility to adjust the blinds independently, ideally without using the Velux app and don’t want 8 switches on the wall.

Anyway, so this brought me to openHAB. I’ve read lots of posts but most seem to be about 2-4 years old. All seem to start off describing my challenge then drift off or go down a rabbit hole. Maybe things have improved since then?

I understand the old binding does not work on the 300 model. I’ve installed HomeKit but from what I can see this doesn’t go in the right direction. Is that correct? Similarly can’t see how to get something like a Google Home to work.

Ideally I want to have a few preset points (scenes if you like) for each blind plus a slider or similar to fine adjust.

Is there anyone that has got this working and if you have please could you point me in the right direction, preferably in relatively simple terms.

Currently running openHAB on macOS but will more than likely migrate to Raspberry Pi or tablet if I can get a small proof of concept working.

Thank you and apologies if this is answered somewhere and I’ve missed it.

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