Velux IR Skylights to MQTT (or something else)

Hello there,
I am not sure if I am in the correct category, as this has nothing to do with openhab development, and yet is development work closely related to openhab.
Now I have some very unsmart IR controlled rollershutters on the skylights in here. I can control them by just sending the signals I have recorded from the remote using the IR lib. However, I would like to integrate this into my openhab installation.
What kind of interface do I need to provide for openhab? Do I need to provide a channel to set a percentage? Or just Up Down commands?
This is very unclear to me after creating the doc articles on how to setup the channels. Also if anyone knows a more elegant solution than just to use MQTT I would be happy to know, but pretty much all of my personal projects use MQTT to communicate with openhab, so this seemed like a possibility.

Thanks for any help/advice!

One possibility is to use the Broadlink binding with an RM mini or other device to send out the IR codes from openHAB. This may not be the best way, but maybe it will work? Lots of info in this thread: Broadlink binding for RMx, A1, SPx and MP. Any interest? - #1442 by themillhousegroup

It depends. If you want it to behave like an openHAB Dimmer, then yes, it needs to support percentage, ON/OFF, INCREASE/DECREASE, and UP/DOWN.

But if you don’t care and have no plans to support send such commands from OH, you need only support what you will use.

There is a binding that integrates Velux windows and shutters into OpenHAB via the Velux KLF200 hub.

Thanks for the advice, I actually managed to get it working and the values I get via MQTT are 0 for open, 100 for closed and, if using google home, the values in between for the according percentage of opening.
STOP seems to be used for stopping the motor.
If I manage to get this working reliably (by now everything is working except the in-between commands), would it be helpful to publish this to GitHub for other OH users? Could maybe someone from the experienced Devs in here help me get the repository into good working order?

I don’t think the VELUX devices I have are supported by this binding

What devices do you have? (e.g. model number etc.)

Don’t know the model number, but they are controlled by an IR remote named wfr 100

Ok. The OH Velux binding talks to a KLF 200 hub via Ethernet, and the hub talks to the windows/shutters/blinds via wireless signals. So if your windows/shutters/blinds cannot be operated by a wireless remote, then most likely they cannot be connected to a KLF 200…

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