Velux klf200 - slate position of venetian blinds?

Hi all

I do have some somfy io controll venetian blinds. They are currently working with the Tahoma Openhab binding (Somfy Tahoma - Bindings | openHAB).

As I do not like, that the Tahoma integration relies on the cloud api, I‘m thinking about buying a velux klf 200 to use the local api. From what I read so far, this should work…

What I would like to know: is it possible to control the position of the slates over the velux binding? In the Tahoma binding, this is called closure_orientation - but I did not see something like that in the Velux binding.

Can anybody help if this is possible? Thanks a lot!

Is anybody using Velux - Bindings | openHAB for venetian blinds / rollershutters? Any experince with the slate orientation? Thanks a lot!

Reading the KLF200 API, venetian blinds can be recognised and indicates how to compile a message to control the blinds. Checking the code of the binding, venetian blinds are mentioned. I am unable to find if it creates an additional channel for venetian blinds to control the slates. Have you asked in the Velux topic? The binding creator and maintainer are very active over there. Might be an easy implementation.

Thanks for checking - I will do so!

@roth / @Chiuaua79

There is a PR adding support for vane/slat position which is in final stages. So can you perhaps please test it on your system? The JAR files are here…

Unfortunately I am not a proud owner of Venetian blinds. I was thinking today if I had a Somfy dealer in the neighbourhood to approach them if they had a mini showroom model to test for a day, but no one nearby and my holiday starts tomorrow, being away for 10 days.

@AndrewFG Sorry for the late reply - I just did setup a testinstance with the latest openhab version and can confirm, that I can now control the slate position with your newest update :slight_smile: :+1:

I’m super happy about this - thanks a lot! Let me know if I test anything or help to advance the PR. Thanks a lot!


There are still a couple of bugs on the version I posted, but these will be fixed in the next few days…

Cool - Thanks a lot. Just ping me, again if I can help to retest.