Velux KLF200 Solar Blinds battery life

Hi I’ve been using the Velux binding for several years but recently noticed that it is somehow running down the battery in my solar blind.

As a test I turned off the KLF200 and charged up the battery on the solar blind. The blind works fine and stays topped up fine with the sun. Once I reconnect the KLF200 and openhab, the battery is discharged in 2 days. I initially thought this was an old battery so I bought a new one with a separate charger for testing but the problem remains.

I’m assuming the binding is doing some polling which increases the battery use. I’m following the recommended settings from the binding documentation.

Any ideas?

No idea, but I would test what’s happening if you only have the klf200 online and the binding disabled. By this you can identify if the issue is based on the binding or based on the klf200

How do you measure if your batteries are charged or not?

Yes good idea I will try that. I have a multimeter to test the battery and anyhow when I use an external charger I can see the battery is completely discharged.

The KLF200 talks to the shades and windows via RF so the more often that you poll the devices, the more RF energy they will be using. Personally I poll my devices at 60 seconds interval, (and I dont open the windows much in winter), so that seems to work fine for me.

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