Velux KLF200 - Wifi turned off

Unfortunately I disabled WLAN via Web UI (always off).
Now even when i restart the KLF200 WLAN still turned off and I cannot access the WebGUI.
Is there a possibility to turn on WLAN?
Thank you for your help

Use the LAN interface instead :slight_smile:

The WLAN is only operational on startup, for configuration, and after some time of inactivity it disables itself. The KLF is designed primarily to use Ethernet. The temporary WLAN is only a means to getting the Ethernet working.

With the latest firmware the webgui is only accesible over wlan (klf200 hotspot). The Lan is only for the API it seems that it is not possible to activate the wlan over the API

That only works if it is set to “10 Minutes”.Then the WLAN is on for 10 Min after restart. I try to contact the support

Did you alredy tried a factory reset?
There should be a reset button on the backside

A reset was the only solution.
after that i had to configure alle products again and to set the connections

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