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is there a tutorial or an instruction available how to implement the Velux KLF200 interface into OH2 via LAN/ wireless LAN? Thanks a lot for a hint.


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Like ?

Hi @csi_oh,

no, I’m looking for a (step-by-step-)instruction how to connect the interface to my network so OH2 can reach it.

Well, depends on your network :wink: - do you have different VLANs? Simpy put - connect KLF200 via LAN, let your DHCP server assign an IP address and configure that within the binding.


See this manual:

There you can configure your KLF200.

EDIT: Here is a screenshot, of network configuration.

After logged in to web interface, click on the gear. Then on LAN:

Fill in your desired IP Address, Subnet mask, Default gateway (that fits to your LAN) or click on “Use DHCP”.

But the only way to connect KLF200 to openhab is via LAN cable. The secret for using it with openhab is the wifi-password, NOT the login-password of configuration website!

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@csi_oh and @Celaeno1

Thank you both! It helped me and the KLF is now connected via LAN to OH2.
The next question is now: is there a way to connect it wirelessly to avoid the ethernet cable crossing the floor of my office …


AFAIK: wifi mode is for configuration only.

But you can place e.g. a wifi repeater (with RJ45 socket) nearby your KLF200.

E.g. something like this.

Yes, I can confirm, Wifi is only for setup.
Very strange approach Velux is using, but we have to be OK because at least we “can” integrate it. :slight_smile:

Good idea, thank you! :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

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