[velux] OH1 binding with full control of any io-home-control'ed device - beta tester wanted

Together with the new firmware version on the Velux bridge KLF200, it is now possible to control up to 204 devices without the need of any predefined scenes or cloud connectivity.

For quick start please choose the v1.13 jar file at [https://github.com/gs4711/org.openhab.binding.velux] or take a deeper look into PR#5690

Regards, Guenther

Thanks to all who are been testing the new binding together with the new Velux firmware. I appreciate the feedback.

For the time being the binding will stay on this feature level up to the finalization official review process. One additional inquired feature - the log of device actions - will be added within a short period afterwards.

Is this new version intended to be backward compatible? By that I mean, if I had a working system using the existing Velux binding, could I drop this new version into my system and continue to operate?

From the view of the binding, a full compatibility of both major firmware version is intended.

But please be aware that you’ll never can downgrade the Velux deivces back to v1: after an upgrade to firmware v2, the KLF200 will refuse to load the older firmware.

Hello Günther,

Thank you for your effort. Why is there only a binding version 1.13? Is the. Inning compatible to openhab 2.4? What are your plans to proceed.
Actually I use your old version of the binding to control the scenes, but I would appreciate a full control of the rollerstutter with stopping etc.

Thank you for your work.

Have nice evening


Hello Johannes,

the current planning is to wait for the finalization of the PR#5690. Then, the complete code base will be used for PR#2531 as pure OH2 binding with an adapted main handler.

Regards, Guenther