Venetian blind support for Lutron binding

A PR containing support for Lutron Sivoia QS Venetian Blinds and Horizontal Sheer Blinds was merged in to 2.5 on Oct. 27. It should be available in all snapshot and milestone builds after that date.

The update adds a new “blind” thing to the Lutron binding. At the moment, I’ve marked the blind thing as experimental in the docs because it has only been tested on dummy devices. I’d appreciate it if anyone who has Lutron blinds in their system could test it out and either report back here or send me a private message. The major functions of it should work fine, but it may need a tweak or two to make sure that the level and tilt channels are properly updated after an UP or DOWN command is sent to the blind and it subsequently stops in the full up or full down position. The position update messages from the bridge in that case are not documented.

The documentation for the new blind thing is available here.