Venting recommendation, based on temperature and humidity

Hi there,
im trying to build/find a binding/method to generate a indication for a venting recommendation.

This means that for example:

  • There is a light bulb in the room which changes colors (Green = OK, Red = Vent)
  • It is possible to set a target humidity value
  • The Ventilation recommendation takes the indoor and outdoor Humidity + Temperature and calculates if the air from outside would bring the inside humidity closer to the target value

Depending on the implementation itsself my feeling tells me that im not the first person thinking about this, but i could not find a ready solution for this.

My thoughts about different levels of complexity are:

  • Simple: Using a approximation formula like: Hum_Outside - 3 * (Temp_Inside- Temp_Oustide) => Hum_Inside_Expected
  • Medium: Using a Web-API or ?Binding? (i could not find by now) to perform a more exact calculation involving lookup tables
  • Complex: “Self-create” Lookup-Tables and interpolations to approximate the result of ventilation

Does anyone have a good advice for me how to implement this in the best way?

In my special case, i have Shelly H&T Plus for inside Temperature + Humidty, and for the outside values im trying to use openweather for the first step

So everythink i need is there, and i just have to create the recommendation

Thanks a lot

There has been a thread on dew point based ventilation that includes example code, search the forum yourself.