VeraLite in openhab?


I was just thinking about using a VeraLite as the zwave controller and integrate it in openhab using the MiOs binding since I have a lot of trouble with the RaZberry daughterboard.
There just some questions before I will go ahead and get the needed stuff:

  1. Does anyone this kind of setup? Does it work good?
  2. Will I get updates from sensors immediately, or will there be a delay? A small delay is nothing to worry about, but it shouldn’t be more than 3 seconds in my opinion.

Thank you

I can’t speak for the VeraLite, but I have recently connected a Vera 3. Guessed (both on here and the Vera forums) created a great binding so that the Vera and Openhab “talk” to each other and an item generator that when run creates an item file based on the Vera’s devices (switches, sensors, ect) that you can then feed into OpenHab. It essentially allows you to transfer your configuration while saving you 90% of the work.

I haven’t tested sensor speed yet, but commands via OpenHab happen almost instantaneously. In fact, I think they happen even faster than using Vera’s own UI. I swear my finger isn’t off the “button” before the light turns on.

Sounds great! Do you have got any sensors, so that you could test it out?

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I’ve been using it as my main controller setup since Guessed first released the binding. My Veralite also has the RFXCom433 plugin running so I can control both my ZWave and 433 devices using the MiOS binding from OH.

The Veralite is almost running bare now… RFX433 and a virtual switch are about the only plugins on it, and the stability of the Vera has improved hugely. Rules and events are run from OH and sent across to the Vera that then controls a mix of switches, sensors and temperature sensors.

I’m hoping that the new Vera Plus will work with the binding and allow access to the native ZWave, Zigbee, BT and WiFi controllers.

Thanks for your answer Nick! So if I got that right, you would recommend me to use a vera(lite) controller?
I just want to use ZWave, since I’ve got a bunch of sensors already.

I have to say that the ability to write complex rules in OH rather than the limited and simple versions you get with the Veralite is a huge bonus. If you already have the Veralite, it works brilliantly. I’m not sure I would buy a Veralite just to connect it to OH though.

I just tested the sensor response. Truthfully, I’m still setting it up and hadn’t tested that aspect yet.

Fibaro door window sensor (2 tested, same result): Closed to open- 1 second. Open to closed- 4 seconds. Not sure if that is an aspect of the sensor though waiting a bit to make sure it really is closed or because I opened, saw the result, and then closed immediately.

Pretty good if you ask me. It’s a monitoring system, not an alarm system. A few seconds delay for a wireless sensor doesn’t affect me.

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I came from the vera platform. My initial plan was to drop it all together but I ended up formatting my veralite back to factory and re-including all of my z-wave devices clean. No rooms, no plugins, just plain zwave. It has been rock solid.

Zwave can be a bit touchy to get right and the vera does a fine job. It also allows you to backup and restore your zwave network unlike many other options out there. It also supports secure devices such as door locks.

Just my 2 cents.

The support for door locks (or more so OpenHab’s lack of support) is what kept me using Vera for Z-Wave vs. an Aeon Labs Gen 5 stick.

When support comes maybe I’ll look at switching over but for now if it works… why fix it?

Great, you guys helped me a lot! I think I'll give it a try as soon as I've got more time. Thanks!

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I am using openHAB with a VeraLite running UI5. No problem at all.

I’m using primarily openHAB, though I do use my VeraLite(UI5) for thermostats and locks. Thermostats because there is a bug that doesn’t allow my thermostats to complete initialization in OH, and locks because, well, that didn’t work in OH when I started. Works perfectly.

First I was using the Aeon Labs ZWave stick directly on openHAB. But it is a little bit tricky to use with HABmin. So I’m decided to buy the VeraEdge as zwave controller and I’m really happy with this procedure. The MiOS binding works really great for sensors and actors with almost no palpable delay.

I will point you to the words of Guessed himself, the creators of the binding. Simple statements clearly articulated the benifits of this solution:,35447.msg261761.html#msg261761

"There are a few reasons to keep Vera to run the ZWave elements of your setup. Over time, these will likely be addressed, so the decision to cutover will get easier:

. Placement - put the ZWave controller where you need it, not where the compute engine is.
. ZWave Network Backup/Restore
. Antenna hacks - for range
. Lock support

I’ll be intrigued to see how the newer Vera model works out, the Zigbee radio could come in handy… Not sure about the BT PAN though… Range isn’t that flash on BT so putting it into a whole home controller may not be the best idea."

Hi All

I want to use veralite with openHAB, I have installed openHAB2 on Linux and I can open the console, I also have installed HABmin. My veralite is also switched on and connected to network and I can use it with my couple of modules. Now I want to add veralite into openHAB. This is where I am stuck.

In order to add z wave controller, you need the serial port for the same, under port configuration. (in HABmin) Now if I go to veralite console by typing veralite ip) and navigate to setup -> z wave settings, there I see port “/dev/ttyS0” BUT if I enter the same under HABmin it says serial error port /dev/ttyS0 does not exists …please guide me how to add veralite to HABmin. My controller is working fine as I can switch on and off the lights via veralite console and mobile app.

Please help


HABMin allows you to setup & control Z-Wave via USB sticks such as the Aeon Labs directly connected to the same device as OH is running in.

If you want to use the Veralite, you’ll need to install the MiOS Bridge binding, setup the IP address of the veralite in the mios.cfg and then amend your items file accordingly. It’s all explained in the binding docs.