Version 1.7.1 is in app store!

Just a notice - version 1.7.1 of iOS app is available on the app store now and it includes several bug fixes for problems reported by our community and some small improvements. Upgrade now!


Thanks for the update with the bug fixes, but it somehow only seems available on the iOS devices themselves. Trying to update, or even freshly download the new version 1.7.1 in iTunes on OS X always gives me an error with
"The URL “… .signed dpkg.ipa"could not be found on the server”

This makes it a bit cumbersome to update openHAB on all the iOS devices, especially with purchases not syncing back to iTunes any longer with the app slimming now.

Both on Itunes and iPhone. The iPad app downloads just fine.


I get an error here when trying to upgrade on my iPhone and iPad. Unfortunately the process of clicking upgrade removes the old version so it would be really good to get this fixed unless someone knows how to reinstall a working version?

On my iPhone I just get an error that it’s unable to download the app at this time…


It look like i have the same problem as some other people.
I can’t download the new version to my iPhone iOS 7.1.
I tried to uninstall the old version and restart the phone but with no luck.

I get the error “Unable to download…”


unable to download too. i have restarted iphone, uninstalled app&restarted iphone Iphone 5s ios 9.01

This is probably have something to do with the app store itself, not the app. There is not much an iOS developer can do about the app distribution. Basically nothing :smile:
There is a possibility that you use developer build of iOS - we had some reports that people had problems updating the app when they used developer build of iOS on their devices. The problem disappeared as soon as they switched to standard iOS version.

what about adding AppleTV as additional target in your app?
I would appreciate using my AppleTV 4 with openHAB
If you plan this, I will support with testing. Have Xcode installed, but I’m early beginner.