Version 2.1 - Toast messages for the voice input

Is there any way to re enable the toast messages that would show what allmighty google engine understood out of my voice command? It used to show as a toast, now it is not.

Yes, it is: @maniac103 already submitted a fix:

I just released version 2.2.0 with the fix.

Great , Thx.
But with this update the Vector custom Icons got broken :slight_smile: not a big deal some scaling issue. Cleared the image cache and that happend.

BTW Is there a way to get rid of other toast, warning about voice being sent to the google?
Maybe just show it first 10 times and then assume the user got the message.

Can you upload one of the icons you have used?



here it is

Fix in

I justed publish the beta version with the fix on Google Play.

This one fixes it, TXH.