Versions of additional software that come with openhabian (zigbee2mqtt and mosquitto)

how can I find out what are the versions that openhabian 1.8 installs of:

  • mosquitto (eclipse) - I’m running 1.5.7
  • zigbee2mqtt - i’m running 1.14.3

I’m guessing, openhabian just gets latest available in the moment of installation?

I’m getting ready to migrate these 2 services to a clean openhabian machine.
trying to avoid any pitfalls, and scenario where I have to do a re-pairing of all zigbee devices.

now, I found the migration steps that should in theory work and retain all the devices.
But I can see this plan easily going south if I restore all this to completely different (too new) versions.

Anyone had any experience with this? What do you recommend, should I try to upgrade both of these services and THEN take their config and .db backups?

for example, mosquitto seems to have significant changes when going from 1.x to 2
Migrating from 1.x to 2.0 | Eclipse Mosquitto

openhabian installs the version of mosquitto that comes with the intalled OS (bullseye/buster).
zigbee2mqtt seems to be installed from git.

bullseye comes with 2.0.16, where in buster its 1.5.7 the latest.
I might add mosquitto-bullseye repo to my buster machine and try to upgrade it.
as I understand, they want users to become more security aware, and by default 2.0ver it does not accept incoming anonymous connections outside localhost.
adding this to mosquitto.conf:

listener 1883
allow_anonymous true

“fixes” it :slight_smile:

EDIT: aaand…done! I’m now running mosquitto 2.0.16, the same version that comes with latest openhabian bullseye. taking another backup.

now zigbee2mqtt left to go…

EDIT2: zigbee2mqtt done :slight_smile:

Stop Zigbee2mqtt

sudo systemctl stop zigbee2mqtt

Go to the Zigbee2mqtt folder.

cd /opt/zigbee2mqtt

Backup zigbee2mqtt config.

cp -R data data-backup

Zigbee2mqtt update

git checkout HEAD -- npm-shrinkwrap.json
git pull
npm ci

Restore configuration

cp -R data-backup/* data

Remove back-up

rm -rf data-backup

Start Zigbee2mqtt

sudo systemctl start zigbee2mqtt

with a small detail that it had fallen apart after the upgrade, but managed to fix it.
nodejs had to be upgraded as well :slight_smile:

now I am confident that everything will work on openhabian, as I am running latest versions of those 2 services.

I would like to add that I included the update procedure into openhabian under “optional components” - “2A install or update zigbee2mqtt”. If it finds an already installed zigbee2mqtt it does just the update.

So usually there’s no need to do it by hand.

And yes, openhabian always installs the latest version from GitHub.

I’m aware of all the bells and whistles you have there in openhabian, that’s the reason I want to migrate to it :slight_smile:
so my future upgrades will be a breeze
now I’m on raspbian buster 10, but I upgraded all the components (OH, Z2M, MQTT) to their latest versions, so I can restore their configs on a fresh openhabian machine with minimal issues I hope.

What about major OS release upgrade, how you handle that? when debian 13 will be out, is it a breeze to upgrade openhabian 1.8 to say 2.0 or whatever it will be called?

I would say it depends.
Debian does not offer an official upgrade procedure. There are hacky descriptions how to do it anyway but I would avoid that because I could never be sure that later problems are not caused by the underlying os.

So If a future major release of openhab requires a newer jdk release (e.g. to benefit from new features) and this jdk is not supported by your current (old) debian version then the clean way will be to install a fresh debian (e.g. the openhabian image via raspberry imager) , restore backups and then upgrade openhab.
Experts, please correct me if something’s wrong…