Very slow OpenHabian setup, after moving root to USB

I decided that it was time to make my openHabian setup more resilient, as more and more of my home is now controlled by it. To that end, I purchased a Verbatim 16GB USB drive, and used the config panel to move the root folder to this drive. The move went ok, but now the whole system is very slow e.g. when SSHing into it, the ‘last logged in’ line is immediate, but it then takes around 15 seconds for the ‘FireMOTD’ to appear. Other operations have slowed down too, like when performing ‘apt-get update’, there are several long pauses, where I’m guessing that its reading / writing to disk. Does anybody have any ideas, before i edit my ‘cmdline.txt’ back to its original config?

This problem sound familiar, but i moved nothing, so this is maybe not an openhabian issue. Is your setup on jessie or stretch?


Same with me, so i think it is not a thing with moving the root

I’ll try reverting to running off the SD card, and see if that fixes it but, from what you’re saying, it may not!

I experienced similar behavior once, it was related to name resolution on that SSH target. I solved it by fixing /etc/hosts with entries for both localhost and actual hostname (and fqdn).

Hi coyote; I’ve just checked my hosts file, and there is a duff entry, which originated from the openHabian image. The entry reads “ openhabianpi”, rather than I’ve changed it, but no difference unfortunately.

Edited my cmdline.txt, and fstab back to original config, so root back on SD card … normal service has been resumed!
I can’t believe that it’s the speed of the USB stick, as I went for a branded one.