VeSync / Levoit Binding Help Testing Requested

Hi all,

Anyone using the VeSync binding. After seeing a comment raised against the original repo, I can see that it needed updates to compensate for the new way some devices are presented, and the reference library I was working from has also been updated. The code base has been adjusted to identify devices into groupings called families. I am looking for assistance from anyone using if you could spare a few mins and install v4 and try the test build here please linked here in my repo..

The Air Purifiers I believe are fine as everything maps directly over nicely, and it should just add support for new models.

On porting the humidifiers, there are a few minor differences. So anyone using humidifiers if you could connect a v4 install using this build and verify everything that worked before still works as expected that would be great thanks.

Any thing verified if you could report it back to this thread please, or observations that would be great thanks. I’ll be hoping to use this for the MR for evidence the build has been verified.

(Note I’ll update the documentation files as a last step - to save multiple rework efforts on them).

Thanks to all and anyone who can assist with verifying the build.

(P.S Once the build is verified, and merged I’ll try to get a backport in of the changes).

Thanks again

  • I have tested and confirmed the Air Purifier Core 400S with the DeviceType from the devices properties of: Core400S (along with upgrade of snapshot 4.0 setup / then upgrade to use new build, and removal of snapshot build - no issues).
  • Rich Koshak has tested and confirmed the Air Humidifier 600S with the DeviceType from the devices properties of: LUH-A602S-WUS (Many thanks!)
  • Patrick has tested and confirmed on a 3.4 build the Air Humidifier 200S with the DeviceType from the properties of: Dual200S
  • Patrick has tested and confirmed on a 3.4 build the Air Humidifier Oasis Mist with the DeviceType from the properties of: LUH-O451S-WUS

For reference the MR currently open and awaiting review is: [veSync] Updates to improve recognition and support of devices by dag81 · Pull Request #14354 · openhab/openhab-addons · GitHub

I have a Levoit LV600S humidifier.

Do I need to delete the old Things and recreate them after removing the add-on and dropping the jar file into add-ons or do the Things remain the same? I’m already running on OH 4 snapshots.

Apologies for the delay, works been manic. In term’s of the changes, they don’t change channels and a new property against the devices should be added automatically called device family from memory. Therefore it should be fine with an existing installation. If pos, I’d suggest testing on a separate OpenHab install first for safety if pos (just as thats what I would do), as a quick validation prior to using with an existing setup to ensure all the channels you use are reading and writing as expected.

Many thanks for helping - it’s hard coding just agains the spec’s with only one of the many devices available :slight_smile:

No it’s my turn to apologize for the delay. Most of my OH time has been spent testing other snapshot issues.

Anyway, I installed the add-on and preliminary set of tests appear to work. I can change the setpoint, mode, heating, screen, etc. I’d say it works for my device at least.

The only think that I’ve not seen come across yet is a new humidity reading. I’ll come and update if that never happens. :wink: I just got a reading. All the stuff I’m using at least is working.

Many thanks for verifying @rlkoshak. Can you just confirm for my reference what the devices properties gives for the DeviceType as this confirms the precise model the binding has re-cognised. I would expect :crossed_fingers: that its one of these:
‘LUH-A602S-WUSR’, ‘LUH-A602S-WUS’, ‘LUH-A602S-WEUR’, ‘LUH-A602S-WEU’, ‘LUH-A602S-WJP’.Thanks again! :+1:

Hi @lyo125, I hope you don’t mind the directed message. Any chance you could please help to validate the changes to the Levoit / VeSync binding against your Humidifier 300s please? If there’s any chance you could install the openhab snapshot 4 and use the binding in the link above, to confirm it works as expected it would really help. Just trying to gather evidence, the PR is ready to go. (Your active installation doesn’t need to be used - just a check everything you use is running as previously). Hopefully that’s ok many thanks in advance.

HI @nexuswave, I’m looking to get test coverage on changes for v4 of OpenHab that will be back-ported for the Levoit / VeSync binding. Is there any chance you could download the v4 snapshot of openhab, (on a separate system), and just check the linked build please, works as previously / expected for your 200S Humidifier. Just trying to get test coverage for the PR. Hopefully that’s ok - many thanks in advance.


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Just linking to other post with test results in of Oasis Mist and Dual 200S: Levoit Binding - #67 by phui