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Greetings. i have a problem with this binding, a conflict with tty ports on a rpi4.
Is it possible to get some advice to fix it?

What kind of conflict?

Don’t want to hijack the thread here :wink:, but when I saw it I realized I still had a question pending in that last one @jimduchek. I’ll repost here, is there anything I can do about the invalid checksum? Would love to get this working.

I tried the latest jar file on an Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Rev 1.1 running openHAB 3.3.0 - Release Build with just one VE.Direct serial cable attached. Openhab detects the cable, but I cannot see the device connected to it, a BMV-702, in the GUI. I can see all the values in the log, though:

21:40:42.206 [INFO ] [openhab.event.InboxAddedEvent        ] - Discovery Result with UID 'vedirect:serial:VE4WQMJU' has been added.
21:40:42.206 [INFO ] [ig.discovery.internal.PersistentInbox] - Added new thing 'vedirect:serial:VE4WQMJU' to inbox.
21:44:35.996 [ERROR] [covery.VEDirectDeviceDiscoveryService] - Declaring Unknown Device
21:44:36.929 [ERROR] [.internal.VEDirectSerialBridgeHandler] - vedirect:serial:VE4WQMJU: Invalid block: Csum 6413 !
21:44:36.933 [ERROR] [.internal.VEDirectSerialBridgeHandler] - vedirect:serial:VE4WQMJU: 
PID	0x204
V	24237
I	-2299
P	-56
CE	-10694
SOC	962
TTG	4277
Alarm	OFF
Relay	OFF
AR	0
BMV	702
FW	0311
Checksum	A
21:44:37.017 [ERROR] [.internal.VEDirectSerialBridgeHandler] - vedirect:serial:VE4WQMJU: Invalid block: Csum 6899 !
21:44:37.021 [ERROR] [.internal.VEDirectSerialBridgeHandler] - vedirect:serial:VE4WQMJU: 
H1	-155119
H2	-10695
H3	-130587
H4	2
H5	0
H6	-8658849
H7	10
H8	30891
H9	25463
H10	135
H11	0
H12	0
H15	1
H16	11
H17	21465
H18	23750

Thanks for the reply. I’ll explain:
I use OH 3.4.1 on a RPI4 4g to which is connected an inverter controlled with a program (solpiplog) which takes care of transmitting the mqtt messages and a victron smart shunt to read the battery data, both are connected with a usb serial adapter.
for a few days suddenly without warning and without errors in the log both connections are lost.
if I disconnect (even not physically by deactivating the thing) the solpiplog connection remains active.
I have tried modifying the rules to generate a tty alias but to no avail.
udev rules:

SUBSYSTEM==“tty”, ATTRS{idVendor}==“0403”, ATTRS{idProduct}==“6001”, ATTRS{serial}==“FTGDDU55”, SYMLINK+=“ttyInverter”
SUBSYSTEM==“tty”, ATTRS{idVendor}==“067b”, ATTRS{idProduct}==“2303”, SYMLINK+=“ttyShunt”

in the OH configuration file I modified adding

EXTRA_JAVA_OPTS=“-Xms192m -Xmx320m -XX:+ExitOnOutOfMemoryError”

I can not understand what could depend and would gladly accept advice for the investigation

Thank you

Hey @jimduchek, I just bought a Victron Multiplus and am looking for ways to integrate it with openHAB, so I stumbled over your binding.
Do you actually have the source code anywhere published and would you be interested to port it (together) to openHAB 4?

I have updated it to OpenHab 4… need to get that up on github. I don’t believe any of the Multiplus’s are VE.Direct, though are they? But on that note, I also have a Multiplus using a VE.Bus dongle and I threw together a little vebus2mqtt daemon as opposed to a proper binding. I’ll get that posted up somewhere soon too if I get some time.

You are clearly right, I still have to learn about the VE vocabulary… Indeed, the Multiplus is just having a VE.Bus interface.

I threw together a little vebus2mqtt daemon as opposed to a proper binding.

I’d be interested of what you have done there. I have a MK3-USB-adapter and have set up a RaspberryPi with VenusOS and looking for a way to connect this to openHAB. VenusOS comes directly with an MQTT broker build in, so this looks to me like the most straight forward integration. Are you doing the same without a RPi inbetween?

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Indeed. If you’ve got a VenusOS setup (or one of them pricey Cerbo GX’s or whatever they’re called), I think going with their MQTT stuff might be the way to go. I’m using stuff directly on the OpenHAB machine, though.

It would be awesome, if you could share details about your setup then. :slight_smile:

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