Video card widget does not play mjpeg although HLS works fine

Hi all,

In short: I would like to show the mjpeg stream of my Dahua IP Cam in a video card widget but I only get the ‘No compatible source was found for this media’ message.

I am using OH 3.4.1 on Kubunu 22.04 running on a virtual maschine (Virtualbox) and ffmpeg is installed

I installed the dahua camera binding. When selecting the camera in the model view, I can see HLS and mjpeg channel links are online and provide links.

I can get both streams using the correponding links as provided by the channel links items in vlc player. The ip address in these links is the one of the OH server:8080… To my (very limited) understanding, that indicates that the camera is providing the mjpeg and HLS streams correctly and they are available in the OH environment.

However, when setting up a video card widget, I can get only the HLS stream to work. Selecting the mjpeg URL item gives the ‘No compatible source was found for this media’ message. It does not change if I enter the URL directly instead selecting the URL item.

As recommended by the manual, I started logging with ‘log:set TRACE org.openhab.binding.ipcamera’ and ‘log:tail’. There is a lot of output going on when I use the HLS stream, but when selecting mjpeg , there is nothing.

Any idea what I could do? As I am very new to OH, I might have missed something very basic.

Thanks a lot for your help

I have tested a little further and found that I can play the mjpeg stream using an image card widget. When using the video card widget, it does not work. In both cases the image/video item is the same MJPEG URL provided by the dahua binding.

Could anybody give me a hint what the difference is between video and image card widgets in terms of handling mjpeg streams and how I could further investigate??

Many thanks