Video door bell

Dear Community,

What is video door bell that officially integrated with openHAB?

I did not find any binding, however there are some discussions about such equipment here

Maybe DOORBIRD might be something you are looking for. It has not an official Binding. But if you follow the link there are is a description how to integrate it with there API

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There is the ipcamera binding which supports video streams. The doorbird api could is implemented as are other brands. See this thread for ideas.

But it is something different from a droobell. And I am looking for ready device, because the time spending to do it maybe more than the cost of ready device.

RING Doorbell might be also interesting for you, there is ongoing work for a RING binding

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Hope to be within the add-on soon

I started work on a Doorbird binding, but it’s been going a bit slowly due to me being focused on some other areas. Currently the binding listens on the event stream for doorbell press events and motion events. It also has a channel for retrieving an image from the camera. There also are a couple channels for activating the door and light relays, but I’ve never tested those as I don’t use that functionality.

I’m not certain if the libsodium encryption library necessary to decode their event stream works on a pi (I’m running the binding on Intel hardware). If someone with a pi wants to try it out let me know.

As an aside, personally, I find the motion sensor pretty much worthless due to the number of false positives.


the ring binding is working, you could use it
the only issue: The ring api has nonlistening mechanismus, so the binding needs to poll every x sec

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The dahua is a ready device depending on your point of view. Support in openhab would be a snap done in 20minutes and false alarms are handled by the smart alarms that run in the camera. You just need to wire the doorbell button or use a battery zwave button if running a wire is to hard because of solid brick walls. Your other options are all going to need work getting them running in openhab as beware of brands that need a cloud to work. If your internet is down they fail to work or they charge u a monthly fee otherwise the device is useless.

I personally prefer a camera that is more stealth and less likely to get ripped off and taken or vandalised. Some of the $500 solutions just don’t blend in and look like a normal house. A normal doorbell button that people are used to seeing and a camera hidden can actually be a nicer solution IMHO.

Got any specific recommendations?

For $9 you can get a Esp32 camera and it works with snapshots and mjpeg streams only. You can’t cast it as it has no h264.

You can mount that behind a < 12mm (half inch) hole and barely see it.

alfawise l9 good, cheap but not integrated with OH yet.