Video feeds away from home?

What do people do so they can see their camera feeds away from home? I assume almost nobody is trying to have security camera feeds display over a non encrypted session and is using https.
OpenHAB works remotely over https, but the webviewer doesn’t. I setup the URLs they are showing to also be https but that doesn’t help.

If both openHAB and the camera URLs are not encrypted then it works.

I haven’t seen other discussions of this problem, so perhaps there is some other way to see your camera feeds when away from home?

I personally use the my.openhab service and the last time I checked, my camera was viewable while out on the road…

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I suppose I assumed it does or would someday cost, and the option seemed to be there to not need it. I suppose I should learn more about it and not just assume.

So, yea, while the site says it is not a commercial effort now that can’t continue forever. Gotta pay for services eventually since it costs money to provide them.

Any other options or is that just about it?

hi i’m newbie this is my second post
i’m not able to config my ipcam on openhab
i’m sure that ipcam is ok because i can view it on ipad using " m-sight app" or vlc (rtsp)
can anyone help me?

in sitemap
Webview url="http://antonio:*******@"

on UI i get in the frame video

RTSP/1.0 400 Bad Request
Cache-Control: no-cache
Server: Hisilicon Ipcam

I have Motion and MotionEye running on my RPi, same device running Openhab. I can see my 8 cameras if I use a browser (safari) on my iPhone or iPad (when I am on my home network), but does not work with the openHAB app on either iPhone or iPad. When I am away from home, I cannot see my cameras at all through openHAB. I did set up a port forward to my MotionEye server so I can log in to it and view my cameras through that interface.

two simple things:
Use https as openhab. Before try in Firefox or what else if you can see the video. It must be an mjpeg format or it doesn’t work.
Then in sitemap add an option for mjpeg encoding.

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