Viewing the bus and other basic questions

  1. Running OpenHAB 1.x on Windows, I really got used to seeing the contents of the OpenHAB bus fly past me on the screen. Sure sometimes it’s possible to miss some errors this way (instead of looking in the log files) but it has been very useful.

Is there a way to turn this on in OH2?

  1. I followed the migration guide closely and copied sitemaps, transforms, items, rules etc over to OH2 after setting up the bindings. If I change default sitemap for basic / classic UI to “home” (the name of my old sitemap), I can view the sitemap. But none of the items work.

What about Paper UI > Control? The items from my old sitemap aren’t showing here.

But if I add “Things” they seem to show in Paper UI and also it works when I control them.

How do I get my old sitemap to show in Paper UI > Control?

3/ is there an iPhone app? What’s the plan? (Should it work with existing iPhone app?)


You can ssh to the Karaf console and use the following command:


The Karaf console is documented here:

PaperUI is strictly an admin UI and it only works with OH 2 stuff. So it won’t show your Items that are not linked to OH 2 Channels. I think Habmin shows and allows you to do more.

Things are an OH 2 only concept. Things + Channels replace the binding config you used to place in the { } for OH 1.x bindings.

You don’t. PaperUI > Control is strictly based off of OH 2 Things and has no relation to nor information from your sitemap. You need BasicUI or ClassicUI to show your sitemap.

Yes, has been for quite some time. It is available in the App Store. The same app works with OH 2 and OH 1.8.