Virtual HABApp & openHAB user event

Since there seems to be at least some interest in a virtual event where users share their HABApp and openHAB implementations and experiences.
Anyone is welcome to join, though the event will probably have an emphasis on using openHAB with HABApp.

Depending on how many users we will be and how the users are distributed (e.g. Germany, Europe, USA, America) it might make sense to make two events, e.g. one in German and one in English or one in the evening European time and one in the evening American time.

If you are interested and want to join just reply to this thread.
I’ll wait until 17th of September, then we’ll try to find a date and time.

I’ll ping a couple of users which have already expressed interest
@leif @nobbi123 @Dominik_Bernhardt

Thanks’ for organizing. I’m still interested :slight_smile:
I’m from Germany, but I’m also fine with an Englisch event :wink:

Color me interested o/

Thanks’ for organizing. I’m interested too.

thank you sebastian, of course i am also very interested :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m in! I’m in Thailand and often work with people in both the US and Europe. Meeting time planning is tricky with the different time zones.

If we take Stockholm, Bangkok, New York and San Francisco into account, there is exactly ONE hour of waking hour overlap:

16:00 Stockholm, 21:00 Bangkok, 10:00 New York, 07:00 San Francisco.

If there’s nobody from the US West Coast in the event, I would prefer 14:00 Stockholm, 19:00 Bangkok, 08:00 New York (05:00 San Francisco).

This overlaps with business hours in Europe. If it needs to be an evening event for Europe, there is no overlap with my own time zone. A weekend event might be most accessible, so that we don’t have to take business hours into account.

I would certainly prefer if we stick to English-only events. That way I will be able to collaborate with the German speaking user base. :slight_smile:

The virtual event will take place at 2023-10-12 19:00 GMT+2 (Berlin).

If someone has suggestions for the used technology please pm me, otherwise I’ll try to set up jitsi and post a link to join here on the 12th.

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The meeting will take place in about two hours.

Everyone is invited and I’m really excited.
If somebody wants to share something or has a topic to talk about that would be great.