Virtual Meetup

Hello all,

I had a chance to watch the YouTube posting of Saturday’s Virtual Meetup. Congratulations to an event well done, as well as an encouragement to increase the frequency of such events. Thanks to Dan, Kai, Yannic and the others (@digitaldan @Kai @ysc)

I´d like to offer a suggestion (being well aware that all of the tirelessly working maintainers have their mind set on getting OH3 out of the door right now).
Maybe I have not seen it anywhere, but it would be a good idea to cut the YouTube posting in a few smaller pieces and make these available in a somewhat prominent location on the website (homepage + blog). The information that can be conveyed through a presentation and its context - particularly the one by Yannick - goes, at least for me, far beyond what one can communicate in the - also very important tutorials that are under development.
All the material we put in writing always is at risk at being interpreted in a way that we did not intend it to be interpreted. The bigger (and my in future also smaller) recorded presentations and demos - ideally by the author of the contribution - allow a glimpse into the design and thinking process that I find immensely helpful, to understand newer concepts.
I believe, it would be a wasted opportunity to lose this information in the depths of the forum, if it won’t be linked from a rather prominent location.

Another issue for people like me, who have been using OH since version 1.3 or so: Try to make it a bit easier to find the documentation under development. The links on the “” -HP point to the 2.5 info (Get-Started and Demo in the middle of the screen as well as the Documentation and AddOns-Tab). I would be nice to see at least a small warning, that this is the “old” stuff and maybe a link to the first page of the 3.0 tutorial as a starting point (with an “under construction” warning).

Saturday´s presentation (btw. do you know how many attended) together with a Milestone 5 suggests a maturity that might invite quite a few people to start dabbling with OH3 - which in turn will increase the number of questions that are raised in the forum - some of which could be avoided with just that little bit of additional information and which in turn might free up some of your time that is better spent elsewhere.

Again just my 2c and thanks for all the great work


It is on Youtube.


I know, that is where I found it, but I found it only because I actively looked for it. Now the banner is gone, and the link to the YouTube video will disappear in the depths of the forum.
I suggested to make good things more visible by prominently linking to it on the HP or the blog (which had its last update a year ago).
By just looking at the homepage one might even get the impression, that the project ist not particularly active while the opposite is true.


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In case somebody is interested, I uploaded my slides here:

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Great job, this looks really promising! I especially liked the semantic tagging. Are there any plans or initiatives already to drive this further (e. g. SPARQL queries on things, etc. )?

I finally had a chance to watch the video. Great job by everyone! It’s fun to see what everyone looks like rather than just reading words on a forum.

I hope they will control be available online.