Virtual switch (network health) readable from knx bus?


I have some visual KNX led indicators (panel with 12 leds to report states and so on).
It’s easy to bind them to knx actuators states and it works well (simple ets/knx assignments).

I wonder if it would be possible to make this virtual switch react as a knx object on the bus (readable)?
Switch Network_NAS “NAS” { nh=“”, knx=“7/9/4” }

This works and the led bound to knx 7/9/4 switch on/off according to my NAS power state but if I reset the knx device the value is not read from openhab… The led won’t be refreshed until the virtual switch changes/sends its state… (I could use cron to send value at fixed period but I’m seeking for a more elegant solution :-)).

Not sure my explanation/question is clear… I’ll try to make it better if needed :slightly_smiling:
Thank you in advance for your help!

I’ll try it simpler :slightly_smiling: :

Is it possible to read a non-knx switch in OH from the KNX bus?

I would also be very glad to know if it is possible to enable read from KNX bus for specific or all OpenHAB items (i.e. a behavior like setting the READ flag in a KNX device). My application for this feature would be making OpenHAB the central state cache for KNX and allow KNX devices to initialize themselves with cached values on KNX bus or device reboot.

Thanks for any kind of comments / support here.

Best regards

I’m actually searching for the same information.
Did anybody got this working?


Same question. I have a switch item in openhab to keep track of summer/winter state for HVAC purposes. I’d like to read the state of this switch from the KNX bus but don’t get a response message. Is this a setting or feature that’s not available.

Switch WinterZomer "WINTER / ZOMER" {knx="<5/2/0"}